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I just booked Brian Kirk & the Jirks for my wedding. Now what?

AOnce we have received your deposit and signed contract, you will receive an email from us confirming your reservation, as well as the paperwork that we will need you to completed (with brief instructions) prior to your wedding/event. This paperwork includes our up-to-date master song list and our Wedding Details Sheet document. You can find all of these documents with instructions here. Please note that we ask to receive all of your completed paperwork at least one (1) month prior to your wedding/event date.

How far in advance do I need to book a band for my event?

This depends on the date of your event & if your event is on a popular, high-demand date. Popular dates (these include Saturdays in June, July, August, September & October normally) usually book roughly 1 to 2 years in advance. But if the date is available you can book the band as little as 1 month in advance.
For availability, please email our Events Coordinator, Nicole at:

If the date is available, can I place a tentative hold on the date?

Yes! A hold does not cost any money but gives the client the first right or refusal to the date. We do not have a firm timeline on how long a client can hold a date, however once we receive another inquiry for the date being held, we will contact you to see if you are still interested in booking the band. A contract and deposit must then be received within one week from the contact date to secure the band. If the contract and/or deposit are not received, the date will become available to the public.

I only want a band for my wedding reception, not the ceremony nor cocktail hour. Do you offer this?

Of course! All of our packages are customized for your event.

Does anyone act as the Master of Ceremonies?

Yes. Brian Kirk, band leader, will personally act as the Master of Ceremonies. He will introduce your entire wedding party, introduce toasts/speeches, & provide smooth transitions throughout your wedding or event.

What is provided in the price I was quoted?

Our pricing is determined by date, times, location, services provided (ceremony/cocktail hour if applicable) & the band size. Full lighting & sound production is provided for all wedding & corporate event quotes (unless otherwise noted). Each quote is detailed with the band size & duration & if it includes ceremony or cocktail hour (if applicable). The quote also includes taxes & any applicable travel fees. Tip is not included, however, tipping is not mandatory.

I booked the band for my wedding reception. What is included with this?

The band size determines how many musicians will be present (if you booked an 9-piece band, you will have 9 musicians at your wedding). Full lighting & audio production are included as well as a DJ. Brian Kirk will personally act as the Master of Ceremonies during your wedding. And our Events Coordinator, Nicole is also provided to assist you throughout your planning & to answer any question you may have.

Will you learn songs for my wedding?

Of course! Part of making your wedding unforgettable is learning your special dances. We will do our absolute best to perform the song like the record. The band is normally able to learn up to four (4) songs for your wedding, depending on how much time the band has to learn the song & the difficulty of the song.

I want to make sure my guests can still converse throughout my wedding & that the sound is not overpowering. Is there any way we can control the volume?

Of course! We understand that your guests want to socialize throughout the night. We are in constant control of the volume & if you ever feel the volume is too overpowering, just let one of the band members know & the volume will be adjusted.

How do you prepare for our wedding?

We will be working directly with you throughout the months leading up to your event. For weddings, you will receive our Wedding Details Sheet and the band's up-to-date master song list with brief instructions. (You can find these documents here). Even though we do not require it, we will also offer you the option of either a phone conference with Brian Kirk (band leader) or an individual meeting with him, if you feel it is necessary. We will then coordinate with your venue/caterer to make sure we are all working together.

Can you recommend other vendors that are reputable?

Yes! Check out our list of preferred vendors by clicking here.


I am looking for the band's calendar. Where can I find it?

You can find all of the band's upcoming public dates here.

Is Jirk Inc insured & can you provide a certificate of liability insurance to our venue?

Yes, Jirk Inc, is insured & we would be more than happy to provide a certificate of liability insurance to your venue. Just send us the venue's fax number & the addressee!

Is the band willing to travel?

Yes, as long as the date(s) is available we will travel anywhere in the world. Please keep in mind that additional travel and lodging costs will apply.

What are your stage and power requirements?

This varies depending on the band size. Normally our stage requirement is on average 10ft x 20ft but we have worked with smaller spaces as little as 8ft x 16ft. Our power requirements are 4 separate 20 amp circuits. We would be more than happy to contact the venue for you to see if they can fullfill these requirements.

Our venue has a built in sound system. Can you use this?

More than likely. We will still need to bring some of our own equipment & sound engineer. We can also touch base with your venue to make sure it is compatible with our equipment & adequate for your event.

When is the final payment due?

After the deposit has been paid, the balance is due on the night of your event in either cash, check, or money order. If you would like to make payments towards your balance or pay off your balance in advance, just let us know & we will send you an invoice that should accompany any advance payments.

How much is the deposit?

This depends on the total cost for your event. The deposit amount is normally 40% of the total cost of your event.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, checks (personal & certified) & money orders. Checks/money orders must be made payable to "JIRK INC". We now accept credit & debit card payments via Paypal. Please note that all Paypal transactions are subject to a 3.1% convenience fee. To make a payment via Paypal, please email us.

Does the band take any breaks?

This depends on the number of hours the band is booked. For a 2-hour event, the band will not take any breaks. For a wedding (4-hours) the band will take one 20 minute break for dinner. During that time, our DJ will play a song list, customized by you!

What if I want continuous music throughout my event? Can you do that?

Yes. While the band takes their 20 minute dinner break, Brian Kirk will play/sing acoustic songs. Once the band finishes eating, Brian will then take his dinner break & he will join the band shortly after.

Does the song list on the website include all of the songs you play?

No. We are constantly updating our song list- adding and removing songs to keep our list current. If you don't see a song on the list, just ask! We may already know it!

The band is not available for my wedding/event. Can you offer any recommendations?

We are working on a referral program but as of right now we do not have this this program up and running. Feel free to contact us & we will do what we can to assist you in finding a band similar to BK&J.